Our more than 100 years of home loan experience shows that we’ve closed a lot of loans, but what has made us a favorite referral from top real estate agents is our abilities to transform our customers into qualified, confident buyers. By putting relationships first, we can help you find a loan that fits your unique situation. At MDC, we’ve committed to these four basic principles.



We’re always up to speed. Long before the signatures are on the dotted lines, we’ve personally been there with you and your agent to listen, learn, and advise on all of the ups, downs, and sideways of the journey.



We have the lowest rates available. But rates are just numbers. The best rates and loans are those that are custom fit to your needs. The time we invest with each customer translates to the right loan and the lowest rate possible.


We’re the top choice for loan refinancing because we’ve built our impeccable reputation by building relationships with trust and respect for our customers. Count on us to be sincere and direct, but please don’t ask us if a doghouse qualifies as a tiny house.



Next to the offer, closing is the most stressful part of the buying process. Our goal is to make each transaction smooth and flawless with our detail-oriented, obsessive staff. We can’t keep your in-laws from visiting, however.





How can we help you find the perfect loan and help

you shape your financial destiny?




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